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Facial Cleansing

So fresh, so clean

Radiant Results, Day After Day

Revolutionise your skincare routine with our facial brushes: Deep cleansing, lifting, and firming for radiant, healthy-looking skin

Pore-Opening Deep Warming Technology

Prep Your Skin

Instantly unclog pores and prep your skin for efficiently absorbing active ingredients thanks to the warming Micropearls.

SmartSonic Pulsation Technology

Effective Deep Cleansing

Up to 8,000 sonic pulsations per minute gently shake loose makeup residue. Adjust the intensity to your needs and see for yourself.

Deep cleanse & lift

Ultra Hygienic Deep Cleansing

Effortless Pro-level skincare

Effective, gentle cleansing - perfect for your daily skincare routine.

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Eye-Nose Area Targeted Design

Spot-on Cleansing

Deep and precise cleansing around the eye and nose, without missing a single spot.

MicroCurrent Face-Lift Technology

Ultimate Skin Transformation

Flip the brush and exercise 65+ face and neck muscles for improved facial contour to fight signs of aging with our advanced Micro-Current Face-Lift Technology.

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Meet Your New Personal Skincare Expert

Embrace the power of beauty tech and experience skincare like never before with the free GESKE German Beauty Tech App


    A facial cleansing brush is a beauty device designed to free your face from dirt, oil, and make-up residue. While its purpose is mainly to deep clean your skin and pores, there are several types of facial cleansing brushes that come with additional features, such as massage or heating, enabling a holistic skincare session that makes your skin glow!
    Facial cleansing devices like facial brushes enable deep cleansing of your skin and unclog your pores, which can lead to healthier-looking, radiant skin. You should just make sure not to use it longer or more frequently than recommended and combine it with skincare products suitable for your skin type. People with very sensitive skin, acne, rosacea, or other skin conditions should talk to their doctor or dermatologist before using facial cleansing brushes.
    The best facial cleansing brush is the one that meets the needs of your skin. You should also look for high-quality material when you choose your facial brush. The bristles of our GESKE facial brushes are made from skin-friendly, super-soft silicone that gently unclogs pores and is easy to clean.
    We offer different types of brushes, from non-electric brushes to sonic facial cleansing brushes, depending on your personal needs, preferences, and skin type. If you want to deep cleanse your face but keep it simple at the same time, a facial brush is perfect for you! It is a facial cleansing device with no frills but lots of benefits: you can decide how much pressure you want to apply and have full control over the cleansing session. As a facial cleansing brush comes without a battery and charging cable, it is also an excellent tool for holidays and on-the-go use. And, of course, a good brush frees your skin and pores from dirt, oil, and make-up residue. A sonic facial brush is a beauty device that deep cleanses your skin by pulsating or vibrating. The bristles move rapidly, which is why these beauty tools are called sonic brushes or sonic cleansers. There are sonic facial brushes that come with other features and technologies, such as warming or microcurrent that takes your skincare routine to the next level. GESKE offers a wide range of facial brushes with different features, such as massage, heating, and MicroCurrent technology.
    It is best to use your facial cleansing brush as part of your daily morning routine to get ready for the day. Apply your facial cleanser and gently massage your skin with your facial brush for approximately two minutes. Rinse your face afterwards and apply your day cream or your favourite face mask. Don’t forget to clean your brush after each session with a special device cleanser to avoid the spread of bacteria. For best results, we recommend downloading the free GESKE app to get your personalised routine.
    Cleaning your face should be an essential part of your skincare routine, which is why we recommend using your sonic facial brush daily. Depending on your skin type, you can use it in the mornings and evenings. If you have very sensitive skin, you might consider only using it once per day.
    It’s best to use your facial brush with a cleanser suitable for your skin type. GESKE also offers a broad range of facial cleansers for you to choose from. If you want to use your facial cleansing brush to gently exfoliate your skin, you can also combine your facial cleansing brush with an exfoliator like our GESKE Peeling Cleanser.
    When used regularly, facial cleansing brushes can minimise the appearance of blackheads, as they clean in depth and unclog the pores. If combined with appropriate skincare products for blemishes and impurities, facial brushes help you gain healthy looking skin and a youthful glow. If you do have severe issues with blackheads, we recommend checking out our dedicated blackhead removers.

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