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MicroNeedle Face & Body Roller | 9 in 1

Stimulate your skin with our SmartAppGuided™ MicroNeedle Face & Body Roller | 9 in 1. This innovative beauty device comes with a MicroNeedle, a Cooling and a Rose Quartz head.

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Stimulates your cells to prevent impurities & fight signs of ageing

Experience deep-derma skin renewal, rose quartz detox & flawless firming.

  • Vegan & Cruelty-free

  • Sustainable & Eco-friendly

  • Sulfate, Phthalate & Paraben Free

Looking for a full-on spa experience at home in under a minute? Add our SmartAppGuided™ MicroNeedle Face & Body Roller | 9 in 1 to your Daily Beauty Routine.

The SmartAppGuided™ MicroNeedle Face & Body Roller | 9 in 1 is your new partner in daily Skincare. After only a few seconds of microneedling, the roller’s Cell Stimulation System works as a signal to boost the skin’s healing processes and rejuvenate itself, becoming firmer and smoother in the process.

All this happens through a complementary pairing of our proprietary technologies: DeepDerma Skin Renewal & Firming Technology and SmartSonic Pulsation Technology which sends out 14,000 sonic pulsations per minute to gently remove the dirt, oil and makeup residue in your skin. When used regularly, the MicroNeedle Face & Body Roller will help you maintain smooth and healthy-looking skin, thanks to its Impurities Prevention and Fine Lines Refinement Technology. You could pair this Routine with your favourite serum since the rejuvenation process also boosts the capacity of your skin to absorb nutrients.

To complement the focus on youthful-looking, rejuvenated skin, our MicroNeedle Face & Body Roller comes with supporting Red Light Active Regeneration Technology that helps keep your skin healthy and blemish-free. For stimulating your skin’s micro-circulation, look no further than the Detox Rose Quartz Spa Session mode.

To get the maximum effect from your Skincare Routines, finish the session with the Energizing Cooling Technology that tightens the pores of your skin and de-puffs the face, ensuring beautifully glowing skin and optimal absorption of serums and creams. At the end of the day, you have the results of a professional salon beauty procedure or a spa session, without the expenses of one and all in the comfort of your own home.

Our MicroNeedle Face & Body Roller | 9 in 1 comes with three easily exchangeable attachments: Microneedle, Cooling, and Rose Quartz Heads.

Developed for

  • Attaining and maintaining radiant, healthy-looking skin
  • Lifting & toning your skin
  • Anti-ageing massage
  • All skin types

  • Pampers your skin by using the Detox Rose Quartz Spa Session
  • Enables deeper absorption of Skincare products
  • Boosts your skin’s collagen production
  • Easily Exchangeable Roller Heads for hygienic usage
  • Included Attachments: Microneedle, Cooling, and Rose Quartz Heads
  • Cell Stimulation System

  • DeepDerma Skin Renewal & Firming Technology

  • Detox Rose Quartz Spa Session

  • Energizing Cooling Technology

  • Fine Lines Refinement Technology

  • Impurities Prevention Technology

  • Red Light Active Regeneration Technology

  • Skin Scan & Personal Routine Guide

  • SmartSonic Pulsation Technology

  • Line


  • Battery

    Li-Ion 3.7V

  • Waterproof


  • Material



    Rose Quartz


    Stainless Steel

  • Eye Bags

  • Fine Lines

  • Glow

  • Texture

  • Toning

  • Stimulate the deeper layers of the skin with the easily exchangeable needling, cooling & rose quartz heads.

  • Reverse signs of age & eliminate fine lines with 1680 0.3mm needles.

  • The rose quartz attachment pampers your skin through the stimulation of micro-circulation.

  • The go-to wavelength for minimising fine lines and boosting skin’s natural renewal processes.

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How to use

Reduce fine lines & regain your youthful beauty

Follow these simple steps to get the most out of your device.


  • Step 1

    Prep Your Skin

    Fit the needle roll onto the device. Cleanse your face and prepare to roll fine lines away for an ageless radiance.

  • Step 2

    Power On

    Turn on the skin-renewing SmartSonic Pulsation Technology by holding the power button for 2 seconds.

  • Step 3

    Roll Your Face

    Divide your face into 4 quadrants and roll each section for 15 seconds in vertical, horizontal, and diagonal lines.

  • Step 4

    Roll Your Neck

    Next, spend 60 seconds rolling the neck and then 60 seconds rolling the décolleté to renew your skin and make it firmer.

  • Step 5

    Power Off

    Turn the device off by holding the power button for 2 seconds.

  • Step 6

    Apply Serum

    Apply a GESKE serum to your face and neck to maximise the anti-ageing effect of your microneedle rolling session.

  • Step 7


    Finally, spray the needle roll with alcohol spray. Let it air dry. Clean your device with the GESKE Organic Device Cleanser after every use.​

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