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The Science

Machine learning at its finest

This beauty revolution took over 100 software developers and engineers, who dedicated more than four years of work to its development to provide you with a unique symbiosis of at-home-beauty-devices loaded with exceptional technology.


CES Innovation Award

Lauded by Experts

CES Innovation Award

The tech experts at the world's biggest technology convention CES awarded GESKE German Beauty Tech to be the best amongst the most prestigious high-tech brands. GESKE is where advanced machine learning algorithms are put in an astonishingly easy-to-use App to introduce the world to the future of beauty.

How it works

Take a selfie. Let AI do the job.

We utilize the power of AI to restore your skin’s true perfection. Discover GESKE, the smart way to care for your skin.


AI-Powered Skin Scan

Our App’s powerful AI algorithms scan your skin in a matter of seconds and present you with an accurate analysis that highlights your skin’s potential areas of improvement. With just a few taps, you define what’s most important for you amongst 10 different skin goals.


Smart Recommendations. Your Choice.

Based on your Skin Scan and time schedule, the AI algorithms calculate a fully customized skincare routine crowned with personalized product recommendations to set you on the path to flawless perfection. You have the final say on your focus and the time you want to invest.


Easy-to-follow training sessions

The results-focused video training sessions developed in partnership with leading dermatologists ensure that you get expert results at the comfort of your home. Countless hours of video guidance available in 45 languages.

Get the skin of your dreams

Perfect Skin Is One App Away

By consolidating the required knowledge into a single app, we streamline your beauty routine. We empower you with genuine accessibility to this expertise, transforming the dream of beauty into reality for everyone.

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    Born from a deep yearning for radiant skin and self-worth, we passionately embrace science-backed technology and ergonomic design to unlock the full potential of professional skincare at home.