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Elevate your skin’s appearance with our attractive Derma Rollers. Visibly firm, refine, and relax your face and body for enviable smoothness.

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Visibly energised and brightened skin day after day.

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14,000 sonic pulsations per minute gently tone your skin. Adjust the intensity for a customised skincare experience.

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Our proprietary sphere design relieves muscle tension and reduces puffiness with every session.



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    A derma roller is a beauty device that massages the skin of your face or body, in particular the parts that are most frequently affected by skin issues like fine lines, saggy skin, or cellulite. There are different types of derma rollers: some derma rollers use a technique called microneedling, while other devices have massaging spheres that are designed to perfectly massage your body.
    Although there are different body rollers, they all serve the same purposes: to firm and smoothen the skin of your body and to stimulate the blood circulation in your face and body. Therefore, body rollers are often used for skin conditions such as fine lines, cellulite or saggy skin all over the body. In addition, a massage with a derma roller can relieve tension and have an overall relaxing effect.
    Using a derma roller is a quick and easy way to tone the contours of your face and body and achieve radiant, healthy-looking skin. Depending on the type of roller, it stimulates your blood flow, and helps your skin regenerate so it appears youthful as a result. Your facial features will look sharp and revived, while body parts that were saggy before are left visibly lifted, toned, and renewed after regularly using a derma roller. What’s even more important, using a GESKE derma roller with our proprietary SmartSonic Pulsation Technology can ease tension in your body, which will contribute to a relaxed and youthful look.
    When used regularly, a derma roller can help define the contours of your body and can improve the appearance of cellulite. However, not all bodies are the same and there are several reasons why cellulite occurs. If you want to get rid of cellulite permanently, you should always discuss a treatment with your doctor or dermatologist.
    You can use a facial derma roller for your body, but rollers that are exclusively designed for the face tend to be smaller than body rollers. To tackle larger areas of your body and achieve best results, you should opt for a derma roller that is suitable for both your face and your body, like our GESKE Sonic Facial & Body Roller 4 in 1.
    A derma roller is used for a stimulating massage that lifts and tones your skin, but you can also simply use your derma roller for a relaxing massage at the end of the day. With our proprietary SmartSonic Pulsation Technology, the GESKE derma rollers are perfect devices to both relieve muscle tension and reduce puffiness in massaged areas.

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