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Eye massager

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Energize your Eyes

Experience the ultimate eye care with SmartAppGuided™ Warm & Cool Eye Massagers, targeting puffiness, under-eye bags, fatigue, and fine lines.

Energizing Eye Cooling Technology

Chill & Energize

Revitalized, sparkling eyes with constricted blood vessels and reduced under-eye puffiness in seconds.

High Efficiency Depuffing System

Visible Swelling Reduction

Achieve visible and immediate reduction of the puffiness around the eyes, leaving you refreshed and ready to wow.

SmartSonic Pulsation Technology

11,000 sonic pulsations per minute to gently massage & brighten your eye area, relieving any muscle tension & under-eye puffiness. Adjust the intensity for a divine experience!

Bright Eyes in 1 Minute

Energizing Eye Cooling Technology

Instant Relief, Enhanced Relaxation

Stimulates blood flow, delivers nutrients & oxygen faster while providing instant relief upon occurrence of headaches.

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The Tech Inside

Meet Your New Personal Skincare Expert

Embrace the power of beauty tech and experience skincare like never before with the free GESKE German Beauty Tech App


    An eye massager is a skincare device that energizes the eye area and thereby helps reduce dark circles, puffiness, dry eyes, eye bags, and fine lines. Our GESKE Warm & Cool Eye Energizer | 6 in 1 uses additional technologies such as vibration, cooling, and heating to provide your eyes a holistic skincare routine.
    Eye massagers with vibration or pulsation stimulate special points under the eyes, which can contribute to improving the skin’s elasticity. Eye massagers with heat have a relaxing effect, while eye massagers with a cooling function are especially useful for treating puffed eyes and eye bags. Due to their soothing effect, these tools might also be helpful in relieving headaches or migraine symptoms. Our GESKE eye massagers are made of high-quality material. The GESKE Warm & Cool Eye Energizer | 6 in 1 comes with our proprietary SmartSonic Pulsation Technology, Energizing Eye Cooling Technology and Relaxing Eye Warming Technology, offering you a full spectrum of uses for several conditions.
    You can use our GESKE eye massagers as part of your daily skincare routine: Choose your favorite setting and gently run the eye massager tool around your eye area. The GESKE eye massagers are also perfectly suitable for applying your eye cream. The pulsation technology helps massage your eye cream into the skin, and the heat function opens your pores to better prepare your skin for the active ingredients of your eye cream. For a relaxing eye massage or a quick cooling treatment, you can also use the GESKE eye massagers without additional skincare products.
    The GESKE eye massagers can be highly effective in treating under eye conditions such as dark circles, dry eyes, eye bags, under-eye puffiness, and fine lines. The Relaxing Eye Warming Technology of our GESKE Warm & Cool Eye Energizer | 6 in 1 works perfectly for dark circles, as it can stimulate the under-eye blood circulation and minimize dark circles caused by reduced blood circulation. In addition, by applying the Energizing Eye Cooling Technology, the under-eye blood vessels can contract, making them less visible. Of course, eye conditions can be caused by numerous factors, which is why the effectiveness of using eye massagers depends on the type of eye condition. If you suffer from severe dark under-eye circles or hyperpigmentation, you should always discuss the treatment with your doctor.
    Our GESKE eye massagers are made of skin-friendly material and do not cause damage to your eyes if you use them correctly. Make sure to always carry out the treatment gently and do not use the device longer than recommended. As with any skincare device, side effects such as slight redness of the skin might occur but are very rare and can usually be fixed by reducing the intensity and following the instructions for a correct application.

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